Happy Women's Day

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Happy Women's Day

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Friendship Quote Friday 3

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Only Best Friend Can See The Pain Behind A Fake Smile

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Motivational Quote Monday...2

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Rich People Travel In Cars, Poor People Travel In Carts
But Special People Always Travel In Our Hearts 

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Motivational Quote Monday...1

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Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time. 

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Uncommon Uses of Common Things....Disposable Diapers

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  By Shabnamahsan


In continuation of my series of uncommon uses of common thing today I am writing few uncommon uses of disposable diapers.

                           If your kids are too big for diapers & you are confused what to do with some unused one, here are some interesting uses.

Diaper cake

Are you going to attend a baby shower? Use your diapers to make a cute diaper cake. Tie around lovely ribbon, attach some small toys & your pretty baby shower gift is ready.

Emergency Kit

Keep in glove compartment in your car for emergencies. It’ll serve as great blood absorber if accident occurs. 

Keeps Flower Fresh Longer

If you have to carry flowers & concerned about spilling during transporting, just wet the inside of a disposable diaper & wrap around the flower. Your flowers will get all the necessary moisture & won't get dry without any mess. When you reach your destination put it in a beautiful vase, off course without diaper. If it's for your loved one, just remember to discard diaper before giving it otherwise......

Convenient Iced or Hot Pack

If you get hurt or having pain anywhere in your body, you can use it as hot or iced pack. For hot pack, wet the inside of the disposable diaper & microwave it on medium heat until it's hot enough for you to bear on your skin.

For cold pack, dribble one cup alcohol in diaper than soak it in water. Now pack it & freeze it. Sodium Polyacrylate in diaper will transfer the liquids in gel & alcohol will keep it from completely freezing. Even if you don't have alcohol use plain water and freeze. Outer cover of the diaper will prevent water from dipping when using on the aching part of your body.

Great Mess Cleaner

If you are traveling & someone vomits or accidentally spills a large volume of liquid, disposable diaper is a rescuer. Clean the mess with it.  It won’t break easily as paper towel or have to wash frequently as cloth during cleaning. It you can't get any proper place to dispose the mess just seal the diaper & carry it with you until you find garbage can.

Temporary Fix for a Leaky Pipe

To avoid the annoying dripping sound & fixing your leaky pipe just wrap a disposable diaper around it. Now call your plumber as it is a successful, but temporary fix.

Avoid Pet Disaster in Travel

Traveling with your pet can be a disaster. Keep disposable diaper at the bottom of your pet carrier to avoid any "accident".

Keeps the Plant Hydrated Longer

Place a disposable diaper (absorbent side up) in the bottom of a planter before adding soil. It will work as water reservoir absorbing the water that would otherwise drain out the bottom. The plant will get hydrated longer & you have to water it less often.

Protective Wrapping Material

If you have to ship any fragile material in emergency & you don't have time to go to the market & bring protective wrapping, don't worry. Wrap around the disposable diaper & seal in a box. Rest assure your delicate object will arrive safely in one piece.

                Love to hear your suggestions of using it differently in comments.

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Friendship Quote Friday 2

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Friends Are the Sprinkles On The Cupcake Of Life

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Choose Your Footwear With Care

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By Shabnam Ahsan
Fashion experts consider footwear as an essential part of accessories.It enhances or mar your overall appearance. But most of us ignore a very important aspect while selecting our footwear, ie. comfort of feet. We can save our self of a lot of pains & problems if we consider some simple points in choosing our footwear

1…The right time to shop the shoe is in the late afternoon as our feet expand a bit during the day. Curb the urge to bay it in the morning as these may turn out to be tight

2…Always take a walk round the shop a couple of minutes with shoes on before buying them. As you walk in the shop weaning new shoes keep these questions in mind:

Can I wiggle my toes? If you can’t the shoes are too tight

Does the ball of my foot rests comfortably on the scale of the shoe? If it doesn’t it's not the right shoe.

Do the sizes & the back of the shoes fit snugly? If they don’t and there are gaps, the shoes are too large

Only when you are fully satisfied, you should buy the pair of shoes

3…We should consider shape & size of our feet while shopping shoes.

While dainty strap sandals look fabulous on girls who have small pretty feet, sensible, closed shoes are better for girls with larger feet.

4…We should take into consideration the occasion we are going to wear these shoes.

Playing shoes should be firm, but not bandaged around the feet. If you are going to start jogging, then opt for shoes specially made for that purpose. These have reinforced heels, arch support & soles that protect the foot against continuous pummeling on dirt or pavement.

If you are planning to wear heavy boots in a hill station, try them on after putting on the woolen socks you will use them with. If you are buying shoes to wear with socks or stockings try them on with the socks.

According to experts we should vary our heel heights from time to time. If we wear high heels one day, we should wear medium heels the next day and perhaps very little heels the following day to allow different foot and leg muscles to get a workout and also give the shoes a chance to breathe.

 We can make our footwear our sole mates by following these simple tips.
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